Today, Langhe enjoys boundless prosperity. Decades of winegrowing and winemaking tradition were catalysed by a small band of revolutionaries and amplified by an increasingly pluralistic cohort of winemakers. In 2004, Langhe-Roero and Monferrato have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its bucolic hilly landscape recognised as an outstanding example of man’s interaction with the natural environment. Concomitantly, tourism has exploded. International travellers, wine lovers and tourists alike, flock to Piedmont in ever-increasing numbers. Outstanding restaurants are plentiful, as are producers willing to open their doors to curious visitors. Despite growing popularity, the very best visits and stays remain local secrets. My guides, maps and articles make visiting Langhe and Piedmont easy, making sure you experience the very best of the regions wines, foods, accommodation, and more.

Visiting Piedmont and Langhe Map – dining, accommodation, wine bars, and more

Travellers ought to loosen their belts before visiting Piedmont. Local ristoranti, osterie, and trattoria serving outstanding traditional cuisine are plentiful, as well as an abundance of Michelin-starred locations, including three-Michelin star Piazza del Duomo. A handful of wine bars hard-to-find bottles from the regions most-desired names, and while Langhe’s infrastructure has been outpaced by visitor growth, great accommodation is available whatever your budget. Find all of this and more pinned on the map below.

Discovering Langhe and Piedmont Winegrowers Map – producers to visit, taste and discover

Today, there are many hundreds of winegrowers in Piedmont. From iconic estates to newcomers and reimagined family wineries. Many routinely welcome visitors, others prove much more difficult. Listed here are producers I particularly enjoy, many you should know, others you may come to. The list will surely grow and is ordered alphabetically.

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