A trio of wine book reviews: from outer space to Southwest U.S.A.

Book sales surged to record highs in 2019 with sales up 20% from 2015. Though the popularity of e-books and audiobooks has grown substantially in recent years, physical print still dominates in excess of 80% of total book sales. Physical books are particularly popular in the case of books where the content is either educational, visually immersive or both. Interestingly a recent study by the Guardian found that readers recalled information conveyed to them in a printed book better than those reading the exact same book on an e-reader. Wine lovers are particularly fond of books, wines body of literature is rich, expansive and expands with admirable pace. Though a great deal of this body is dense and specific, of late a number of new releases find themselves at an interesting intersection between being alluring to both fanatics and casual drinkers, those amongst us whose interests may well be somewhat piqued by wine. With Christmas fast approaching and my review pile mounting, now seems the perfect time to share with you a trio of diverse recent releases. Noble Rot’s no-holds-barred guide to wine, Raul Diaz’s simple guide to wine and food pairing, and Jessica Dupuy’s exploration of Southwest U.S.A. These are the books that have piqued my interest in recent months.