About Me

This blog is the work of Joshua Dunning, full-time process engineer, part-time wine enthusiast, in short … me!

I am based in the Midlands and hold an undergraduate degree in Economics and Finance and a postgraduate MSc in Supply Chain Management from Aston University. My field of expertise lies in continuous improvement, I have worked for leading discount-supermarket chains, consulted to start-up tech companies and am now employed by a leading UK automotive manufacturer.

My ‘lightbulb’ moment with wine was circa 2015. I have since travelled and tasted my way around as much of the world as I have been reasonably able to reach. Wine has tied everything I enjoy in life (history, culture, science, knowledge etc.) firmly together. This wonderful world of wine is forever changing and evolving, at its heart are passionate individuals all with a story to tell.

I begun writing about wine, kickstarting my blog Word on The Grapevine, at the start of 2019, mainly as a source of journalling my learning and experiences. My platforms grew quickly and I have since built a sizeable following across various digital channels and developed relationships with leading industry professionals. I continue to build upon my writing, knowledge and understanding and wish for the blog to serve as a place for people to share this with me. A place to learn, share experiences and get to grips with the current affairs of wine.

If you’re interested in working together, a media kit is available upon request outlining work, audience data and pricing. Please email at josh@wordonthegrapevine.co.uk for further information.

My views are my own and are not a reflection or representation of my employer.