About Me

Autodidact, self-confessed nerd, and occasional provocateur.

Based in Staffordshire, I hold a BA in Economics and an MSc in Supply Chain Management from Aston University. By day I reimagine and redesign systems and processes. I have expertise in both FMCG and automotive, have consulted to start-up tech companies and am now helping deliver an effective omnichannel e-commerce solution with the UK’s fastest-growing supermarket.

Though it would make for more alluring print, I can’t point toward a single ‘lightbulb’ moment that brought about any particular wine-related captivation. I was born in Stoke-on-Trent to aspirational working-class parents, wine was neither part of their lives, nor part of mine. My attraction toward wine grew gradually, often finding itself at the intersection of various other personal enjoyments. Travel, dining, history, culture, science, etc.

Wine features at the heart of our most poignant stories and has been the focus of fascination and pleasure through almost every major period. It is unsurprising that I found myself enthralled in this world.

I started writing about wine at the beginning of 2019, mainly intending to journal my own learning and experiences. Concomitantly I began communicating through a number of social media platforms, using them to leverage my reach and engage with a more diverse audience. Both my reach and engagement grew quickly, with my work receiving praise and recognition from leading industry figures as well as regular wine drinkers and those learning about wine.

My writing consists mainly of long-form articles, producer profiles and iconoclastic explorations of a priori assumptions. To date, amongst much more, I have challenged the efficacy of biodynamic agriculture, discussed micronutrients in viticulture, and worked with some of the world’s most lauded winemakers to provide readers with a greater understanding of complex topics of interest.

Beyond writing, I use digital media, including video, to reach new and existing audiences, in a more modern, refreshed manner. Having established what can now be considered a significant platform, I hope to venture into physical events post-COVID, shifting the tempo of what can be a stuffy sector. My aim is not to revolutionise wine, nor do I think myself capable. Instead I would like to help shift it’s perception, and as a result, it’s outreach.

If you’re interested in collaborating or would like to know more, my media kit is available upon request. Please mail at josh@wordonthegrapevine.co.uk for further information.